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Summit Legal Solutions LLC

Located in the beautiful Southern Appalachians of Northeast Tennessee, Summit Legal Solutions LLC blends modern law infrastructure, technology, and process with classical values and personal attention.

Don Scott Herron, Scott preferred, the founder and attorney behind Summit Legal Solutions LLC, hopes that all who reach out for help find themselves better off after than before--from direct help, referal to other professionals, or pointers to helpful resources and pertinent information.

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The core values embraced by Summit Legal Solutions LLC and Scott Herron

Speak and act with integrity
Keep the focus on you
Treat everyone with respect (even in disagreement)
Communicate well
Leverage state of the art legal technology
Advocate for you with versatility
Listen more, speak less
Engage with empathy
Improve continuously to serve you better


Summit Legal Solutions LLC strives to develop and deliver creative solutions that transcend zealous advocacy, contribute to the advancement of the legal profession through active engagement, and serve the regional community.

Scott Herron seeks to serve you by:

(1) artfully and thoughtfully resolving conflict while minimizing your grief and expense;

(2) identifying and removing obstacles to your happiness and success; and

(3) empowering you to move in positive directions with your life, family, business, law firm, and legacy.

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