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Trademark Services

A registered trademark will help protect your intellectual property in logos, slogans, words, phrases, symbols, packaging, and even colors.
Clearance Search. Before filing for your trademark, you need to make sure that you can register your trademark. A comprehensive trademark search looks for others using the same or similar mark. The search involves not only searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) but also for unregistered marks using both human and computational processes. $749

Search and File. With this service, we do a comprehensive search, file your application, and respond to any questions from the USPTO examining attorney (office actions). $1400 (Per mark, per class).

Trademark Monitoring. Once you secure your trademark, it makes sense to protect it by monitoring potential infringement by others. This involves regular monitoring similar to the original clearance search and regular reports of any possible issues. $189 (monthly per mark).

Full Service Package. Save nearly $400 by using our Full Service Package which includes Search and File and one year of Trademark Monitoring. $3299 (Per mark, per class).

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